The greatest impact from our business is we have created an opportunity for women in the United States who are looking to earn extra money by joining the Keyster Krafter team. Keyster Krafters are the HEART of our company. 

Those who purchase Keysters will stand proud knowing they are part of a movement to
 IMPACT women’s lives.

Making a product is one thing, making an impact is another. Lori Livacich, CEO and “Goddess of Stuff” founded Keyster with a commitment to make both. From this, the Keyster Krafter program was born.

The Keyster Krafter program allows women in the United States to "Kraft and Earn'- assembling Keyster’s one of a kind “wristkey” bracelets for an additional income. 

Our goal is to eventually employ thousands of Keyster Krafters and see people all over the world sporting a
 Keyster on their wrists. As of now, we are starting our Krafter program by collaborating with HHPLift; a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to forge economic independence through workforce and business opportunities for people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment. Currently, all of our beaded Keysters are made by refugee women looking to survive and flourish after tragedy- thanks to our collaboration with HHPLift.

Together, one Keyster at a time, we are getting women closer to a future that they deserve. Most importantly, we are making sure they have fun doing it!