The Keyster idea began when I saw there were very few options available for bracelet key tags in the
independent senior living space. This wrist bracelet key tag is one of the most requested items in
independent living retirement communities. They frequently stretch out of shape resulting in slippage off the wrist and lost keys. Simply put, they lack style and functionality.

We all love to express ourselves through what we wear. And putting on a cheap plastic coil to carry a
few keys does not show off someone’s unique style. When working on a Mother’s Day gift for over
30,000 women we designed a custom polymer clay bead bracelet/key chain bracelet, and it was a big
hit. The Keyster was born. Our Keysters are the perfect answer to being stylish and safe all at the same
time and putting women in the US to work.

The companies who purchase Keysters will stand proud knowing they are part of a movement to
IMPACT women’s lives. Additionally, we will use the Keysters made by the Keyster Krafters as
fundraisers for church groups, schools, and sports team.

Our goal is to employ thousands of Keyster Krafters and see lots of women all over the world sporting a
Keyster on their wrists.

Show Them Your Keyster